A celebration of youth voices in Internet Governance – Pre 07 2022

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20 June 2022 | 16:30 - 18:00 CEST | FabLab / Fibonacci | Video recording
Consolidated programme 2022 overview / Day 0

Session teaser

This session will focus on the importance of youth involvement in Internet Governance. The goal is twofold: firstly, to share insights into how young people participate in this field, in order to get other youth who are new to the field inspired to become more active. Secondly, to make other stakeholders aware that young people need to be considered as a meaningful stakeholder in IG discussions and therefore should be involved in more IG related work, both during sessions as well as in inter-sessional work.

Session description

The session will first focus on achievements of young people and youth initiatives in the field over the past year and the goals for the upcoming year to further increase youth involvement. This will take place in the form of a good practice exchange, discussing what has been achieved last year and what are the lessons learned. Furthermore, there will be a discussion on why it is important to actively involve young people in Internet Governance work. The discussion will focus on how to create common platforms of thought and experience exchange between the different youth initiatives. Currently there is still a lack of coordination between youth organisations, which hinders the development of the ideas and perspectives that the youth brings to this field. The goal of this discussion is to to encourage collaboration among youth from different regions, to ensure the internet governance discussion process is inclusive with the voice of the youth.


The session will be held online only, allowing for inclusive participation and debate. There will be up to six speakers who speak about the youth initiatives that they contribute to in the field of Internet Governance. After this introduction, a discussion will take place about how collaboration between these different youth initiatives can be further encouraged.

Further reading

Links to relevant websites, declarations, books, documents. Please note we cannot offer web space, so only links to external resources are possible. Example for an external link: Main page of EuroDIG


Session organiser/moderator:

  • Daphne Stevens - YCIG


  • Mauricia Abdol-Tshilunda - YCIG, Youth SIG, ElevateHER Africa


  • Veronica Piccolo - Youth SIG, Youth IGF Italy, #DearGovernments
  • Emilia Zalewska - YCIG, Youth IGF Poland, IGF 2021 Youth Summit
  • Daniel Kalemi - ITU Generation Connect Europe Youth Group
  • Lily Edinam Botsyoe - Ghana Youth IGF
  • Nicolas Fiumarelli - YCIG, Youth IGF Uruguay, LACNIC
  • Jenna Fung - YCIG, Youth IGF Hong Kong and Asia Pacific, NetMission.Asia