A workplan for greater online security and safety. The Dynamic Coalition Internet Standards Security and Safety. – Pre 08 2021

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28 June 2021 | 13:30-14:30 CEST | Studio Belgrade | Video recording
Consolidated programme 2021 overview / Day 0

If you want to contribute to this session please contact the session organiser.

Session teaser

The (IGF) Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (DC-ISSS) will bring together key stakeholders from the technical community, civil society, policymakers, regulators, corporate and individual adopters, with the shared goal of making online activity and interaction more secure and safer.

It is widely recognised that many existing and future Internet-related products and services will be vulnerable to security threats and the spread of online harms and criminal misuse, if relevant Internet standards and ICT best practices are not effectively deployed worldwide to reduce and prevent these risks.

The DC-ISSS aims to ensure that standards and best practices play their full role in addressing these challenges through establishing the conditions for their wider, more effective and more rapid adoption by key decision-takers throughout the standards development and implementation chain.

In this workshop the three working group leads will present their respective workplans for 2021.

1) Security by design - Internet of Things

2) Education and skills on the need to align ICT tertiary education curricula by demands made by employers from industry and the public sector alike and society in general.

3) Procurement, supply chain management and the creation of a business case.

The workshop allows you to establish the relevance of the work for your organisation and how you can collaborate to create the best possible outcomes in the form of recommendations, next steps and actions.

Session description

In this session the goals and workplan of the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety are presented. In the second half of the session a discussion is organised on the workplan in order to establish, not only, the relevance of the work but the impact it should have on creating a more secure and safer Internet and ICT.

There is a distinct gap between the theory of security, e.g. roadmaps, best practices, intentions, debates and the lack of actual deployment of voluntary Internet standards and ICT best practices. This gap has to be closed to achieve a situation where all the low hanging fruit in the form of unnecessary vulnerabilities has been harvested, i.e. closed off. The workplans of the three aforementioned working groups have this aim.

In the discussion this topic will play a role in the form of establishing support to (identify) knowledge and expertise, contribution to the workload and funding of the workload to guarantee continuity for the work.

At the end of the session progress is identified and concluded upon.


The session organisers, the DC-ISSS, will strive to invite relevant organisations directly and will present a limited number of questions up front. After the introduction on the goals of the DC-ISSS and the workplan for 2021, participants are invited to share their views in an open discussion.

Further reading

General information on the DC-ISSS can be found here:


The mission statements of the three working groups can be found through the above link as well.

To join the membership:


The basis for the work of the DC-ISSS is, the recommendations and identified actions presented in the IGF report on the deployment of Internet standards:'Setting the standard. For a more secure and trustworthy Internet':



Until .

Session organiser:

Key participants:

  • Yurii Kargapolov, Chair of the ISOC IoT Special Interest Group/Chair working group 1 DC-ISSS
  • Janice Richardson, Insight SA/vice-chair working group 2 DC-ISSS
  • Mallory Knodel, Chief Technology Officer. Center for Democracy & Technology/chair working group 3 DC-ISSS
  • Gerben Klein Baltink, Chair Platform Internet Standards
  • Wout de Natris, De Natris Consult/coordinator DC-ISSS

Video record