Annual General Meeting EURALO Individual User Association 2019

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19 June 2019 | 12:45-14:00 | YANGTZE 1 | Remote participation
Consolidated programme 2019 overview

Session teaser

The EURALO Individual Users Association will hold its Annual General Meeting.

Session description

The session will address issues of interest to the Association. In particular, the following topics are on the draft agenda:
- Chair report on the status of the Association
- Work plan for the next year - hot topics
- Election of officers (in case this is still pending at time of the AGM)
When possible, documents addressing the agenda item will be distributed via email to the members


Town hall

Non-members are invited, but will not have the right to vote.

Further reading


All Members are invited to participate. The following members have committed to attend:

  • Roberto Gaetano, Chair
  • Jean-Jacques Subrenat, Vice Chair (remote)
  • Fotjon Kosta, Secretary


The meeting opened at 12:45 local time - 10:45 UTC.

The Chair invited the attendees to introduce themselves. There were also several observers. No remote attendees.

The Chair briefly summarised the status of the Association, addressing the following points:

  • in the last elections of the board we had only three candidates for five seats - Roberto, Dina, and Fotjon were elected;
  • the Association now counts 50 members and 6 observers, with one applicant in the approval process.

No question or comments were made

The Chair presented a few proposals for the next year, that are:

  • to have more flexible procedures, less decisions by the Board and more interaction with the membership;
  • improve outreach, using all opportunities to present the Association to potentially new members interested in participating to the ICANN processes - events at which outreach can be successful include IGF (global, regional and national) - need for presentation materials, including flyers.

Olivier, EURALO Chair, took the floor. He said that his mandate will end at the ICANN meeting in Montreal. He then focused on funding part and mentioned that we are not always optimising the use of CROP, and some time we miss opportunities. One way to improve is to share CROP information on all mailing lists and make sure that the EURALO event calendar is always up-to-date. Matthias stated that we should provide better information on how to subscribe to mailing lists and proposes to have this accessible on our web site. A discussion took place on Universal Acceptance. It was clarified that the issue is not only related to IDN, although those represent the most visible example. It was argued that Internet Users, and therefore also our Association, can play a fundamental role detecting and reporting the cases in which valid addresses are not accepted by some operators. This is something that our members could commit doing. Olivier reports that EURALO has 36 ALSes, but added that more important than the total numbers is the number of active members. The Chair summarised the discussion and added the following:

  • we definitively need to redesign the web site, but this requires resources;
  • people interested in Universal Acceptance should subscribe to the ALAC IDN WG, that under the chairmanship of Satish Babu is currently extending its scope to cover multilingualism and UA;
  • we need more volunteers for different tasks in our association, for instance as website management, maybe a call for volunteers should be made.

The Chair closed the meeting at 14:00 local time - 12:00 UTC - mentioning the upcoming meeting in Marrakesh and the possibility to meet some of our members there.