Challenges of cybercrime and transborder investigations – Flash 13 2018

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6 June 2018 | 16:45-17:15
Consolidated programme 2018

Session teaser

The session will discuss the cutting-edge issues for law enforcement action in cyberspace, focusing on challenges for trans-border investigations and access to data, development of standards, public-private cooperation / partnerships for combating and preventing cybercrime, and “follow the money” approach to handling crime proceeds online.


Cybercrime investigations; transborder access to data; public-private cooperation; crime proceeds online

Session description

The session will host an open discussion about several topics relevant for law enforcement action in cyberspace. The following issues will be presented by the speakers and discussed with the audience: Cybercrime investigations across borders and transborder access to data, with focus on latest developments and setting of standards in this area; Public-private cooperation in cybercrime and electronic evidence, with examples of issues and challenges of cooperation between law enforcement and Internet service providers; Financial investigations and prosecutions related to cybercrime and proceeds from online crime, with focus on the "follow the money" approach.


Open/plenary discussion respecting EuroDIG format.

Further reading

Council of Europe Action on Cybercrime


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