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29 June 2021 | 17:30-18:00 | Studio Bruges, streamed to all locations | Video recording | Transcript
Consolidated programme 2021 overview / Day 1

Closing of the day


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>> THOMAS SCHNEIDER: I think they can hear us.

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: Can you hear us.

>> NADIA TJAHJA: Yes! We can hear you!


>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: Good! Good to see you smiling.

>> NADIA TJAHJA: An excellent day! Good to see you both!

>> TATJANA MATIC: Same to all of you!

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: I see there are still participants in your room. Let’s be quick and keep them.

From the Geneva Internet platform will summarize the discussions today in a condensed form and we’ll do housekeeping notes and hand it over to the evening programme.

>> ANDRIJANA GAVRILOVIC: I have to say last year you stunned the entire community by actually going through with the event online with multiple studios and extremely successfully and you have continued to do it this year. I’m in awe! My congratulations!. There is still another day! I hope that – I’m sure they’ll go as well as today went.

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: Thank you very much! It is indeed quite an effort to connect all of the studios across Europe and we’re trying to be better than the football community is!

>> THOMAS SCHNEIDER: 50 million times less resources, of course!


>> ANDRIJANA GAVRILOVIC: You are powering through. That’s good to see!

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: You have the floor now. We will enlarge your video so that everyone – all of the studios can basically see you. You will be streamed in all three studios as well as in the theater so everybody can listen to you, curious what your messages of the day are.

>> ANDRIJANA GAVRILOVIC: I will proceed now.

Some sessions finished only a few minutes ago. Perhaps I haven’t picked up on the messages unfortunately. They will be available in the commenting platform.

What we discussed today in access and literacy, it was mental wellbeing and digital addiction and among the messages of the community, a holistic approach involving all stakeholders is needed to ensure that online platforms are designed and used in a way that promotes mental wellbeing, but still there is a need for more research on digital addiction. This is something that effects all of us every day. This session was very interesting to follow.

On the development of the system, we talked about the interdependence and participant found agreement that specific and targeted regulation is necessary, and that too much emphasis on the E.U.’s regulatory power is contra productive. European values can be promoted through development of open and interdependent standards within and outside of Europe.

Still on the topic on development of the ecosystem we spoke about regulating digital services and found agreement that the legislative process and enforcement of the digital services package should tackle specific issues such as enhancing clarity of obligations, of the geographical application of the package and of content moderation provisions that could potentially have chilling effect.

On Human Rights we discussed AI and we discussed human and algorithmic bias, when it comes to AI, we focused on data protection and it was underlined that the proposed regulations need to go beyond data protection to consider potential consequences and negative impact of the use of AI and on bias, it was noted that equality and fairness are important principles to address bias, but it is not easy to find an intracultural agreement on some aspects of the principles.

The discussions on media and content tackled the E.U.’s copyright directive and participant found agreement that copyright can contribute to negative trends such as surveillance and control of the Internet and there is therefore a need to combat such practice and the idea that machines can govern what we can see or read on the Internet.

When it comes to technical and operational issue, there was only one session today, and it was on quantum technologies. We discussed benefits and challenges, here are some of the benefits.

Optimization of operations, machine learning, complex quantum networks, that is quantum Internet, also breaking traditional encryption. There are social challenges such as geopolitical misuse, some sort of an armed race, endangering privacy due to the possibility to break traditional encryption and disruptions of the job market.

Finally, we come to the crosscutting issues, we discussed the data sovereignty and it was agreed that in developing innovative identification and authentication governance frameworks we should keep in mind interoperability to ensure consistency in technology standards for the normalization while including the agency and consented use of such data.

We spoke about encryption and trust in encrypted communication can and will be undermined by simple access of authorities by encrypted messages. This could mean the end of free communication and not prevent criminals from encrypting their communication but it will weaken everybody’s encryption.

Solutions cannot be worse than the problem.

I will stop here. The messages will, of course, be available for commenting on the platform. More details will come from our lovely hosts EuroDIG and you will have the opportunity to edit, tweak, give comments, agree, disagree, these are the messages that had rough consensus today.

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: Great job, concise, condensed.

>> THOMAS SCHNEIDER: It was great. Thank you for that platform.

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: It would be much harder to compile the results from EuroDIG and get the messages ready. Thank you very much for collaborating with us also this year.

>> ANDRIJANA GAVRILOVIC: It is our pleasure to be here again!

>> THOMAS SCHNEIDER: Before we let you go, to the magician at 6:00, I would like to encourage you to use your inspiration experience we have had here now the first exciting, but also very intense EuroDIG day full of technology, of connecting people, not just the visual way but technically, given that we’re going towards the famous new normal thing after, hopefully very soon, hopefully for the next year we’ll have a physical component again.

We would of course be interested to see what your takeaways are regarding how to organize such a meeting, what components of the virtual pathway should we try and keep in the future, also what the priorities are given, limited resources, we may not be able to organize a contest type thing all over Europe, so what are the things you would like to keep, how do we manage to do this? What are the experiences? What worked well? What worked less well this time? Please remember these things, write them down, send them to us, communicate it, discuss it among yourselves. Happy and interested to hear your feedback.

Thank you, all.

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: Indeed, there is not much I can add at this stage but to reiterate, we need your feedback, EuroDIG was always a place to experiment. We did quite some experiments this year. We are really eager to hear how that worked for you and what could be kept and whatnot.

Now, in 15 minutes all of the studios are closed now, and our theater will open. Everybody who is registered and is in Zoom should have the access details together and you should be able to find your way to the Gather room.

You can click on the dummy if you – to the – to the theater. It starts with a dummy theater. When you click on follow, it will directly be taken to this, you click on the X, join the Zoom. Believe me, without meeting the magician today – by meeting the magician today, your life will change dramatically. This is much more important than a soccer game tonight.

>> THOMAS SCHNEIDER: That’s what she say, of course!

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: I had to set up a TV for him in the outside area so he can watch it.

>> THOMAS SCHNEIDER: Of course! Watching both in parallel! Watching the magician and listening to the football game on the radio.

>> SANDRA HOFERICHTER: I hope I will meet new the theater soon here with us and we’re waiting for you and in 15 minutes we’ll meet the magician there. I hope to see you there as well.

Otherwise, enjoy the evening. See you tomorrow and we’ll continue the discussion!

>> THOMAS SCHNEIDER: Thank you! Bye-bye! See you at 6:00 sharp tomorrow morning! Okay!