Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet – PL 01 2014

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Session title

Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet.

Session subject

Search for common principles of and approaches to a sound Internet Governance agenda for Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. Also see current discussion

Session description

Building on a number of recent sets of principles, including, inter alia, the NetMundial final documents, the panelists will:

• Articulate their personal stances on the issue of a European Internet Governance agenda and how it will affect the Internet’s development;

• Discuss whether the said agenda could be jointly developed through common efforts and what it is going to take for all the parties to engage in meaningful cooperation to bridge the existing and potential chasms;

• Explore the multistakeholder-based approach to fostering the Internet’s advancement and roles of individual stakeholders in the process, as well as in the Internet Governance ecosystem;

• Attempt to identify commonalities and explain how to overcome differences with regard to the above

• Take questions from the audience, including remote participants.

The session will end with a wrap-up by the focal points.


Format of this working group at EuroDIG


Protocol. Discussions

See current discussion

Further reading

Live stream / remote participation

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Live transcripts

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Final report from working group

PDF (approx. 2 weeks after event)

Pictures from working group


Session tags

Internet Governance; Europe and Russia IG Policies; the Other Europe; Consensus-Building; Multistakehoderism; Internet Principles and Roadmap

Session twitter hashtag

Hashtag: #eurodig_PL1