Efforts in shaping secure online environment by various DNS actors – Pre 06 2023

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Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust

19 June 2023 | 12:00 - 13:30 EEST | Auditorium A4 | Video recording
Consolidated programme 2023 overview / Pre 6

Session teaser

In this session of the Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust - "Efforts in shaping secure online environment by various DNS actors" - we would like to have a look at the different approaches and motives of various stakeholders towards a secure online environment.

Session description

Some registries as well as registrars (as part of the DNS) have introduced self-regulatory measures to increase the registration data accuracy. We would like to show the viewpoint of both registries and registrars´ representatives on the measures they are taking and what motivates them besides legislative obligations. Furthermore, we would like to give the floor also to representatives of law enforcement or cyber security organisations to share their viewpoint on the effectiveness and importance of these measures. We would like to hear the feedback on the current status of the cooperation with registrars and registries and the role of data accuracy as a tool for law enforcement authorities.


The structure would include an intervention of each of the panelists for 5 -10 minutes and discussion with the audience and among the panelists. The moderator and one of the panelists will be present in person in Tampere, the other panelists online.

Further reading

Links to relevant websites, declarations, books, documents. Please note we cannot offer web space, so only links to external resources are possible. Example for an external link: Main page of EuroDIG


Focal point

  • Regina Fuchsová, EURid (in-person)


  • Alastair Gill (in-person)


  • Marlene Straub, CENTR (in-person)
  • Jordi Iparraguirre, EURid (remote)
  • Jaromír Talíř, CZ.NIC (remote)
  • Daniel Överfjord, Loopia (remote)
  • Bogdan Cîinaru, Europol (remote)
  • Pablo López-Aguilar Beltrán, Global Cyber Alliance (remote)

Video record