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After consulting with the EuroDIG partners, the community, and our host, the ICTP in Trieste, the date for EuroDIG 2021 can be confirmed for June 28-30, 2021. This includes, as is the EuroDIG tradition, a Day 0 in which organisations and initiatives can present their work, and engage with the community, followed by two full days of multi-stakeholder workshops, high-level sessions, and new formats. Mark your calendars, we hope that many of you can participate.

We understand there is a great desire to meet in person and have these informal exchanges which are so important also for decision taking processes in the long term.

Therefore, we are planning with full flexibility for a hybrid meeting. A hybrid meeting that puts the remote participants in the centre and onsite participants will be requested to login to the virtual platform as well.

While remote participation has been a longstanding practice, new ways to enhance this experience will build on the lessons learned in 2020. We will invest additional efforts to constantly connect remote and onsite participants. We will try out new session formats to meet social distancing measures and avoid crowded rooms.

If need would be we can go back to a fully virtual meeting and in the best case we will see many participants in Trieste.

During the period from 12 October – 13 December 2020 we received 97 proposal submissions for the EuroDIG programme planning. Subject Matter Experts will reviewe all proposals and cluster them into thematic subtopics.

EuroDIG is more than just a conference; it is a year round dialogue of European stakeholders, where everyone is welcome to join at any stage. Find out more on the participation process at our website.