Gender in the immersive digital future – a new matriarchy? – BigStage 2020

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BigStage 2020 overview

Session teaser

Gender in the immersive digital future: a new matriarchy? Our Big Stage presentation will present a Virtual Reality human and Mother-AI debate about the emerging social changes in the digital society of the 21st century. The focus will be placed on increasingly technology-mediated gender relationships. In our session, we shall host a conversation of two human participants represented by relevant virtual avatar(male & female)and a gender-neutral, robot-like AI.The AI, which will be the central figure of the discussion, will act as a voice of reason from the near future and will explain the principles of human relations in the emerging world. In particular, the Mother-AI will answer questions given by "limited human participants" about the future of mankind. That cyber-human dialogue will have a form of a debate about the opportunities and risks attached to the fast-changing digital reality. The scene can be considered a technological adaptation and reinvention of the "first humans in paradise" trying to find their way in the new environment. Finally, the Mother-AI will take the two human participants to the far future to give them more shocking and surprising details.


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