Internet consolidation – opportunities and challenges – WS 01 2019

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19 June 2019 | 14:00-15:30 | AMAZON | Remote participation | Live streaming | Live transcription
Consolidated programme 2019 overview

Proposals assigned to this session: ID 148 – list of all proposals as pdf

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You are invited to join an open discussion on consolidation* of the Internet. This workshop allows for active participation and sharing your thoughts and recommendations for future study or actions on the topic 'Internet consolidation'. In the workshop consolidation will be discussed from four angles: technical, Competition, Access, future studies. Overall we will also try and identify positive or negative case examples resulting from consolidation.

Four questions relating to the four topics are in the process of being formulated. They will be shared in the Wiki as soon as possible

(*This workshop used to have two topics, Accountability and Consolidation. After internal debate it was decided to unmerge the two. Accountability is now flash session 5 (see there). The workshop is solely on consolidation.)

Session description

In the Internet economy there is an 'ever growing level of consolidation of markets, an increasing consolidation and horizontal and vertical integration of Internet activities and businesses, resulting in fewer opportunities for market entry and competition' (Internet Society). This can have negative implications for innovation and access but also on pricing and levels of access to information. The technical community of Internet engineers has flagged the topic as important for the coming years, as consolidation comes with key questions and necessary answers. Answers that have not been provided so far and need input from other stakeholders. This workshop discusses these questions and potential solutions, that involve a broad section of stakeholders.

The workshop will discuss and formulate ways forward concerning future study and/or discussions on consolidation of the Internet.


The workshop is an open discussion led by a moderator around a few questions. The questions will be shown here soon, allowing you to prepare for the workshop.

The agenda is roughly as follows.

1. Setting the scene, an introduction by Jari Arkko (IETF) and Carl Gahnberg (ISOC).

2. Open discussion

3. Formulation of outcomes and recommendations that will make up part of the THe Hague messages.

Further reading

Competition policy for the digital era, by Jacques Cremer, YA de Montjoye, Heike Schweitzer

Unlocking digital competition: Report of the Digital competition expert panel (March 2019):


Focal Point

  • Wout de Natris, De Natris Consult

Organising Team (Org Team) List them here as they sign up.

  • Giorgi Cherkezishvili
  • Chivintar Amenty, YouthDIG 2019
  • Jari Arkko, Internet Engineering Task Force
  • Evelyn Austin
  • Zoey Barthelemy
  • Amali De Silva-Mitchell
  • Cristian Hesselman, SIDN
  • David Korteweg, Bits of Freedom
  • Charalampos Kyritsis, YouthDIG Organiser
  • Marie-Noemie Marques, Orange
  • Kristina Olausson, ETNO - European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association
  • Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC
  • Carl Gahnberg, Internet Society
  • Adam Peake, ICANN
  • Clement Perarnaud, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

Key Participants

  • Jari Arkko, Internet Engineering Task Force
  • Carl Gahnberg, Internet Society


  • Wout de Natris, (De Natris Consult)

Remote Moderator

Trained remote moderators will be assigned on the spot by the EuroDIG secretariat to each session.


  • Clement Perarnaud, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Geneva Internet Platform

The Reporter takes notes during the session and formulates 3 (max. 5) bullet points at the end of each session that:

  • are summarised on a slide and presented to the audience at the end of each session
  • relate to the particular session and to European Internet governance policy
  • are forward looking and propose goals and activities that can be initiated after EuroDIG (recommendations)
  • are in (rough) consensus with the audience

Current discussion, conference calls, schedules and minutes

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  • dates for virtual meetings or coordination calls
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Please be as open and transparent as possible in order to allow others to get involved and contact you. Use the wiki not only as the place to publish results but also to summarize the discussion process.

Our next call is on Thursday 9 May, 14.00 CET.


A short summary of the session will be provided by the Reporter.

Video record

Will be provided here after the event.


Will be provided here after the event.