Internet of Things – 2015

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5 June 2015
Programme overview 2015

Session teaser

During this side event the Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things is inviting EuroDIG participants to join us in a consideration on a global vision on progressing the Internet of Things, as something we need, and need to be developed with respect to this and future generations.


Networked technology is spreading rapidly from traditional devices to everyday items, and even to the spaces in which we live. Before long, online functionality will be ubiquitous in the most commonplace objects, allowing them to identify, communicate and cooperate with one another. [1] ” As was recognized during the World Economic Forum in January 2015, the “phenomenon known as the ‘Internet of Things’” will touch all. And whereas this brings many promises for a future that is yet to unfold, it also comes with challenges, in particular related to security, safety, and governance. And to the trust of people. During the meeting in Istanbul the following issues were put on the table (see meeting report [2]): the need to ensure privacy, security, ethics, and spectrum issues, and to develop standards that take both social and economic sustainability of networks into account. Networks should be developed in a way people want (people centric values) and in such a way that upgrades, changes of services providers and new applications are possible and affordable. Since, the discussion focused most on security and privacy, but above all: about ensuring IoT is to contribute to a “world we want our children to live in”. In order to progress the agenda, we ask you to join us in a consideration of what it would take for IoT to go ethical with us, and what it could bring to the different stakeholders on global level.

[1] [2]


Global, multistakeholder, internet of things, ethical, sustainable, privacy


Flash and open meeting. Non-members are most welcome! Open moderated session, with active input from participants on a number of global aspects of IoT, such as: “building in the principle of transparency, accountability, and personal choice”; “creating supportive ecosystems for ethical IoT development”; “embracing soft standards and self regulation – or do we need more?”.

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  • Organiser: Maarten Bottermann

The meeting is open to all EuroDIG participants with a keen interest in finding sustainable ways forward with regards to the development of the Internet of Things. Members from IGF’s dynamic coalition on the internet of things are specifically invited to attend. The session will be organized by Maarten Botterman, Avri Doria, Sandra Hoferichter and Wolfgang Kleinwächter.