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Welcome to the official wiki of the European Dialog on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)!

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The EuroDIG wiki is the working space for all organising teams of a session at the annual EuroDIG event. The teams collaborate and document the session planning in the corresponding session page.

Also the wiki is used to document the event. You may find the links to the video records and the session transcripts.

The wiki is publicly available and aims to keep all information and workflows in one place. Additionally it increases the inclusiveness and transparency of the EuroDIG process by allowing other interested people to join the teams at any time – according to EuroDIGs slogan:

“… always open, always inclusive and never too late to get involved!”


  • more information about eurodig at our website,
  • messages, videos and pictures from past EuroDIG events at the Archiv.

Please note: You need to register and log in to edit the wiki. To get an account contact: