Open session of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things – Pre 05 2018

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4 June 2018 | 15:00-16:30
Consolidated programme 2018

Session description

The Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things that was set up during the 2008 meeting of the Internet Governance Forum in Hyderabad aims to come to a global, multistakeholder understanding of “good practice” in the Internet of Things. This meeting is open to all that want to support the global dialogue in this, and we look forward to seeing you in Tbilisi, or later this year in Washington (USA IGF) or at IGF2018.

IoT is inevitable, and next to offering new business opportunities, it is also a key component to enable dealing effectively with a number of key societal challenges. Yet it comes with challenges, too – ranging from safety, to security and privacy issues. Active development of and commitment to good practice involving all relevant stakeholders will help us do this in sustainable ways.

During this meeting we will focus on two specific issues:

1- next to updating the current texts on privacy and on transparency we will focus on strenghtening the text on security, from a global, multistakeholder perspective. This means that we look into what is necessary from a users' perspective; what is doable from a business and technology perspective; and how can governments help to ensure the balnce.

2 - the time has come to move towards a Principle people can subscribe to. Together with other organisations we will seek to transform the text of the Good Practice Paper in a Statement that invites explicit support. Please note that this would be a high level statement, as it is to serve IoT development globally, from a multistakeholder perspective. In this it may be the starting point for other, more sector- or region-specific guidelines.

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Key Words

IoT; IGF2018; Ethics; multistakeholder; security; privacy; safety; sustainable


This meeting is open to all participants. We will introduce the work of the IGF DC IoT and raise the questions as indicated in the summary of this session. The meeting will be moderated, and a report will be posted at the EuroDIG site and

Further reading

Global IoT Best Practice Paper: Homepage of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on IoT

For more information: Homepage of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on IoT


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The workshop will be moderated by the Chair of the Dynamic Coalition, Maarten Botterman.Other core team members present at EuroDIG2018 include Wolfgang Kleinwaechter; Sandra Hofenrichter; Nigel Hickson; and Peter Koch.