Roundtable of European parliamentary perspectives regarding Internet governance – 2009

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14 September 2009 | 11:45-12:45
Programme overview 2009


  • Vincenzo Maria Vita, Vice President: Commissione istruzione pubblica, beni culturali, ricerca scientifica, spettacolo e sport of the Italian Senate
  • Andrew McIntosh, Chairman of the Sub-Committee on the Media, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Member of the House of Lords, UK
  • Alun Michael, Member of the Parliament Cardiff South and Penarth
  • Ruedi Noser, Member of the Swiss Parliament
  • Nenad Prokic, Member of the Parliament, Serbia
  • Catherine Trautmann and other MEP´s in Strasbourg (Video link)


  • Giacomo Mazzone, Head of Strategic Audit, EBU - European Broadcasting Union