Safeguarding the future – The role of Internet Impact Assessment – BigStage 2021

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29 June 2021 | 13:15 CEST | Amphitheatre | Video recording
BigStage 2021 overview

Session teaser

How do you know if a particular policy, development, or trend threatens the Internet’s foundation? And if so, what should you do next? This presentation provides an overview of a new initiative by the Internet Society: the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit (IIAT).

Session description

The Internet has been revolutionary for human progress. Bit by bit, byte by byte, it has come to underpin modern life. For those of us online today it is hard to imagine (or remember) a world where the Internet was not the fabric of our social lives, education, entertainment, innovation, and culture. But what fundamentally makes up the Internet, and what it could grow to become in the future, is rooted in its architecture as a model for how you interconnect networks at a global scale.

In 2020 the Internet Society released the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit to support policymakers, technologists, and other Internet users and advocates to assess the implications of change – whether those are policy interventions or new technologies.

This presentation provides an overview of the toolkit, how it can be used, and why impact assessments should be the new norm for Internet policy going forward.


The format of this session is a traditional presentation.

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  • Carl Gahnberg
Carl Gahnberg is a Senior Policy Advisor at the Internet Society (ISOC), where he is focused on issues related to Internet governance. In this role, Carl contributes the organization’s global policy development and its partnerships with international and regional organizations, engaging with global policy makers and non-governmental stakeholders on key Internet issues.

Video record