South Eastern European Dialogue (SEEDIG)

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The South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance is a regional IGF initiative dedicated to all interested stakeholders in South Eastern Europe (SEE) and the neighbouring area. SEEDIG is scheduled to take place in Sofia, on 3 June 2015, as a pre-event to the eight European Dialogue on Internet Governance – EuroDIG (4-5 June 2015), and is organised by a committee representing various stakeholder groups from the region, with the cooperation of the EuroDIG Secretariat, the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, and UNICART.


  • Raise awareness and promote a better understanding of Internet governance among stakeholders from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area
  • Build or strengthen the capacity of these stakeholders to actively participate in national, regional and international Internet governance processes
  • Facilitate multistakeholder discussions and exchanges on Internet-related challenges and emerging issues that are particularly relevant to the region.

Programme outline

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