Steps to realising equal access for all

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Steps to realising equal access for all

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This session follows the session on ‘How to facilitate equal access for all’ and looks more closely at practical steps to realise access for all. The panellist will present different examples on how equal access can be facilitated through international treaties, local implementation agents and existing infrastructures. The session will look at the Marrakesh Treaty and the possibilities the Treaty offers for "print disabilities". It will highlight the way libraries work with visually impaired as well as disadvantaged people and rural communities in order to provide access to information and development to them. Furthermore the session will look at the work ISOC is facilitating to provide internet access in rural areas as well as providing examples on how access furthers people’s development.

The session will give participants, remote and on-sight, to gain an insight into current developments to realise equal access for all and actively participate in furthering these initiatives.



Deadline 30. April 2015

Further reading

Deadline 30. April 2015


  • Focal Point: Julia Brungs (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions –IFLA) and Jorge Fernandes (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia of Ministry of Education & Science / Department of Information Society / Access Unit)
  • Org team: FCT, IFLA and ISOC
  • Key participants|Panelists: ?? FCT – Marrakesh Treaty; IFLA (Christiana de Castell) – Libraries supporting the Marrakesh Treaty, giving access to resources and information; French IGF outcomes – video presentation; ISOC local chapter – access in rural Bulgaria, challenges and opportunities; EDF - European Disability Forum.
  • Moderator: ?? Plamena Popova
  • Reporter: (deadline 15. Mai 2015)
  • Remote moderator: Cláudia Cardoso (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia of Ministry of Education & Science / Department of Information Society / Access Unit)

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