Tackling digital skills gap. A multi-sector approach to a multifaceted problem – BigStage 2021

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29 June 2021/30 June 2021 | 13:15-14:15 CEST (TBD) | Studio A
BigStage 2021 overview

Final title of the session: Please send the final title as early as possible, latest until to wiki@eurodig.org. Do not edit the title of the page at the wiki on your own. The link to your session may otherwise disappear.

Working title: Gap between the digital competences provided with by universities and those expected by companies

Session teaser

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Session description

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Always use your own words to describe your session. If you decide to quote the words of an external source, give them the due respect and acknowledgement by specifying the source.


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Big Stage format was introduced in 2020 in order to give space to single topic presentations, product presentations, inventors or innovative entertaining formats.

This can be for instance:

  • A traditional presentation
  • an interview or a tandem effort
  • a fire side chat including max. 3 people (for instance one moderator interviewing 2 different opponents).
  • a movie

It cannot be:

  • a panel discussion.

Let us know here what you want to do.

Further reading

Links to relevant websites, declarations, books, documents. Please note we cannot offer web space, so only links to external resources are possible. Example for an external link: Main page of EuroDIG


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Key participants:

Please provide name and institution for all people you list here.

Example for a list:

  • Person 1
  • Person 2

Video record

Will be provided here after the event.