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Conf call 14 June 2019 Present: Elena, Rainer. Key participants: Marije, Maartje, Adeline, Derek.

The key participants introduced themselves and learned of the workings and principles of EURODIG more in deep. An outline of the session was established as follows:

3 mins INTRO Elena - gives floor to Maartje

15 mins GAME 1st session (badges Impersonation, Emotions, Polarisation) Marije

12 mins MODERATION & DEBRIEF Maartje & Derek (preferred badge Emotions & Polarisation) and/or Adeline (preferred badge Polarisation)

15 mins GAME 2nd session (badges Conspiracy, Discredit, Trolling) Marije

7 mins MODERATION & DEBRIEF Maartje & Adeline (preferred badge Discredit)

Around 30 mins MODERATION & debate Maartje coordinates audience and speakers. Elena helps managing the live and remote audience speaking queue.


Conf call 06 May 2019

Present: Aslak, Chris, Clarissa, Giacomo, Elena, Sabrina, Yrjo.

The group examined the submissions for "key participant" received on the GDoc here

After some debate the following actions from the team were decided: - Aslak to contact Thorkild Hanghøj (academic). - Yrjo to invite 
Mikko Salo (fact checker) - Giacomo will explore the availability of a contact from the Dutch antenna of Eurovision Social Media News Wire. He will also verify the availability of Martine Chapman who has conducted a recent survey for the European commission on this topic

Sabrina suggested to keep in mind the possibility to have a key participant who would represent the education sector.

Yrjo clarified that somebody must be ready at the end of WS12 to address the plenary and summarise the examined threat at the Plenary 7, taking place right after.

Conf call 09 April 2019

Present: Elena, Rainer, Aslak, Yrjo, Giacomo, Olivier.

We went through the addition of resources in the wiki, and rapidly started talking about the title proposals for the workshop.

Olivier rightfully pointed out that the title needed to be gender neutral:"villain" rather than "guy". Here is the draft title: “Be the villain: create disinformation and exploit the lack of news literacy!”

Yrjo reminded us all to always keep in mind that the workshop feeds into Plenary 7.

The proposed teaser was too long: here is the shorter version:

“Live and remote audience play a game posing as the villain that creates disinformation and mine people’s trust by polluting the information ecosystem. Key participants will help find the way towards a healthy relation with the news”

Aslak and Giacomo made very valid "key participant" proposals that we are now exploring/pursuing, after securing the participation of game creator Ruurd Oosterwoudh. Elena will contact Claire Wardle from First Draft News.

Proposals for key participants can be submitted in the Gdoc here

Only until 15 April to make final decisions on Title and Teaser!

Conf call 01 April 2019

Present: Elena, Sabrina, Michael, Rainer, Aslak, Chris, Olivier. Excused: Aleksandar, Nadia.

Content: How-to organising sessions @ EURODIG (all details here) >> WorkShop 12 results from clustering of 10 proposals topics: access & literacy, media and content, development of IG ecosystem, and innovation and economic issues. >> Who is a Focal Point, Subject Matter Expert, Org Team member >> Not mini-plenary, but original workshop format >> Speakers are key participants, large space left to audience

Workshop 12 not standalone: >> connected to workshop 8 Fending off trolls – Journalists in defence of democracy >> both feed into [7] Tackling online harms – regulation by whom, how much? >> all on June 20, full programme here

Elena proposals for session format: >> Start the WS having the audience and online public play a serious game inventor here >>Have a fact checker present: i.e.

Action points: >> Next deadlines 15 April (decision of title and teaser) and 30 April (format) >> Wiki WS12 : use it to add your title/country and please share material that could be inspiring for our deadlines (create account by writing to thanks Rainer :) >> Elena to reach out to Ruurd Oosterwoudh inventor game GetBadNews