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(Introduction of recommendations in IGF report 'Setting the Standard'.)
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As a suggestion to progress. On the IGF pages the report of the pilot project on deploying internet standards has been published recently. A few of the recommendations can perhaps be discussed in this workshop. One could be e.g. on how internet governance bodies can contribute to bring stakeholders together and work in accordance towards deployment of internet standards that would make the internet and all its users more secure immediately.

The report is the outcome of an internationally distributed survey, break-out sessions during the workshop at the Berlin 2019 IGF, extensive interviews and desk research.

These are the recommendations:

1. ‘Create a business case for the deployment of internet standards’. 2. ‘To deploy internet standards successfully they need to be incorporated by reference into law or legally binding regulations, including a designated regulator.’ 3. ‘To deploy internet standards successfully requires building security by design / default into products and services’. 4. ‘All stakeholders should collaborate on coherent strategies for multilingual awareness raising on internet standards and their effect on internet security’. 5. ‘Internet standards and architecture must become part of education curricula.’ 6. ‘Standardisation processes are advised to include a consultation phase with government and industry policy makers, and civil society experts.’

  1. 5 has been suggested into workshop 10 at EuroDIG on education.

Should you be interested, the report can be found here:


Looking forward to your thoughts and how to proceed,

Wout de Natris