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Virtual planning meeting I, 27 January 2005

I. Objective of the SEE round table

A discussions was held on what it is intended to be achieved with this event (and possible follow up events) and the following points were generally agreed upon:

  • promote a better understanding among SEE stakeholders about Internet Governance (IG) in general, and IG issues, in particular;
  • raise awareness and interest to participate in regional and international IG debates/processes/organizations;
  • explain the importance of developing multistakeholder IG mechanisms at national level;
  • create a framework for discussions on IG issues relevant to stakeholders in SEE (share best practices, experiences, discuss about possible solutions, etc.)

II. Overarching theme for the event

Following the EuroDIG model, the event should have an overarching theme under which to frame the discussions on specific topics. Support was expressed during the meeting for the following proposal for such an overarching theme: "Multistakeholder Internet governance: from the global debates to the SEE realities"

III. Topics for discussions

Discussions were held on possible topics for the round-table, starting from the full list of proposals collected through the mailing list . Below are the topics that received most support during our discussions:

  • General discussion on Internet governance: the notion of IG, multistakeholderism, IG principles, IG processes/fora/organizations, etc.
  • Domain names (to include issues related to IDN, ccTLDs, ICANN and its activities, etc)
  • Multistakeholder mechanisms for Internet governance at a national level: examples of multistakeholder IG models/mechanisms (i.e. and similar initiatives under way in Europe), benefits of such models; whether and how such approaches could be developed/implemented in SEE countries.
  • Human rights for Internet users: a possible discussion to start from the Council of Europe Guide to human rights for Internet users and go into debates on what are the related challenges for SEE and how to possibly address them, in a multistakeholder, bottom-up approach.
  • Public service media in the digital environment.

IV. Format of the event

The following general outline was proposed:

  • have the event split in two distinct sections:
    • a morning session for a general overview on IG (notions, concept, processes, organizations). This session could start with an introduction on “how the Internet works and why should we care”.
    • The afternoon would be dedicated to discussions on the specific IG topics we agree upon: why are these topics relevant to our regions, how are they currently addressed and how they could/should be further addressed, based on existing best practices and experiences.

Once a decision is made on the topics to be discussed, a more detailed discussion will be held on the exact format of the event, the number of sessions, their format, etc.

V. Next steps

  • agree on the overarching theme of the event;
  • narrow down the list of topics presented above to maybe a maximum of three topics;
  • once the topics are agreed, start more detailed discussions on the format and content of the sessions.

VI. Asking for input from the list

Based on these discussions, input was requested on:

  • Overarching theme for the SEE event

Group members were asked to indicate whether they agree with the proposed theme (point II above) or have other suggestions.

  • Topics

Group members and other interested stakeholders were asked to indicate which of the five general topics listed at point III above they would want to be discussed at the SEE event.

  • Format

Group members were asked to indicate whether they agree with the general outline presented at point IV above or whether theyyou have other suggestions.

Call for input on themes and topics to be discussed at the South Eastern European event

Between November 2014 and January 2015, input was collected on themes and topics to be discussed at a South Eastern European event to be held asa pre-event to the eighth EuroDIG meeting. This was done via a dedicated mailing list, which is open to all interested stakeholders from the region:

Summary of input

Proposal for an overarching theme:

  • "Multistakeholder Internet governance: from the global debates to the SEE realities"

Proposals for topics:

  • the need for capacity building, and responding to a perceived lack of information on IG issues;
  • capacity building in relation with IG process;
  • recognizing what are Internet governance issues in the first place;
  • the multistakeholder model - what is community-driven policy? How does it work?
  • learn more about what is ICANN; what are registries / registrars;
  • security & privacy;
  • cybercrime;
  • digital divide;
  • content localisation;
  • censorship/interference with content;
  • human rights for Internet users;
  • IDNs;
  • multistakeholder approach in national IDN domain management;
  • challenges for regional Public Service Media in the New Media Environment.