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Please use your own words to describe this session. You may use external references, websites or publications as a source of information or inspiration, if you decide to quote them, please clearly specify the source.

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Session teaser

This session aims at addressing the impact of ZR on stakeholders including users.

Session description

Always use your own words to describe your session. If you decide to quote the words of an external source, give them the due respect and acknowledgement by specifying the source.


Competition, Consumers choice, Developing Countries, Business Models, Costs/Benefits, Walled Gardens, Opportunities, Innovation


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Transcript: Impact of zero rating


  • Is it part of Network Neutrality or a business model or both?
  • Is Zero Rating protecting the Internet as a system of innovation?
  • Does zero rating affect customer choice and experience?
  • Should law makers provide a general rule on zero rating? What role does competition play?
  • Discussions on zero rating should focus on principles, e.g. exclusive vs non exclusive, etc.

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Hashtag: #zerorating