Youth Coalition on Internet Governance – Creating synergies and the way forward – Pre 11 2020

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10 June 2020 | 16:30-18:00 | Studio Berlin | Video recording | Forum
Consolidated programme 2020 overview / Day 0

Proposals: #35, #124

Session teaser

This DC session of Youth Coalition on Internet Governance will serve as a platform for DC members and partners to express and exchange views on the current state of affairs in the field of youth participation in the Internet Governance ecosystem: What new challenges and opportunities is the community facing in the view of COVID-19 pandemic? What European initiatives have been launched to enhance youth participation in internet governance after Youth IGF Summit? And what can we learn from youth in other continents? The session will conclude with an open discussion aimed at creating synergies and finding common topics among regional youth movements and initiatives to conduct capacity enhancement projects and much more.

Session description

The session will be divided into three parts:

Part 1: Effective Youth Participation in Internet Governance

Reflections on Youth IGF Summit and developments after the Summit: The speakers will share their reviews on the experience of Youth IGF Summit, the development of outcomes from the joint effort of youth initiatives and recap on the next steps after the first successful edition of the Youth IGF Summit

New challenges and opportunities in view of COVID-19: will explore the impact of the pandemic from a capacity building perspective: which lessons did we learn in terms of connectivity and the power of the Internet? How can younger generations benefit from online education? Has the accessibility for everyone been granted?

Part 2: National Youth IGF movements

Using the cases of Portugal and Italy, sharing their experience and assessing the impact of such initiatives: Youth IGF representatives of Portugal and Italy will tell us how they started the initiative in their country, how they reached stakeholders and gathered local participants Tips for young people intending to organize national youth IGFs: the speakers will address the key points to build and organize your national youth IGFs and the importance of connecting with other youth organizations, as well as being part of the YCIG community.

Part 3: YCIG and Capacity building: the way forward

Short presentation of the results of the YCIG community needs assessment questionnaire: YCIG Representative for African region will share with the community the key findings on the questionnaire we launched during April, where we asked the YCIG community their expectations for this year. Ongoing initiatives to advance youth participation in IG: Speaker from Youth Observatory (Youth SIG) will introduce the past and ongoing great youth initiatives that are having an impact to advance youth participation on Internet Governance, presenting their achievements and outcomes on the last years, so as to encourage more young people into Internet Governance policy. Open discussion with the participants on the needs of the YCIG community and how to join forces to achieve common goals: Which are our common goals? How can we work together to attain them?

We will close the session making a key recap on the main points of the 3 parts (Youth Participation on IG, National IGF Youth Initiatives and Capacity Building). The final outcome of the session will be shared with the participants several weeks after the session.


For our session we will have the format of ‘Fishbowl’, which is a moderated in-the-round style driven by substantial conversations and interactions between discussants. This format will allow us to have a closer conversation with attendees without rigid formalities, in order to foster the spirit of collaboration among young people. First we will introduce our speakers and their backgrounds, then we will start the session approaching the 3 main points that are under discussion (Youth Participation, National IGF Youth Initiatives and Capacity Building).

Further reading

YCIG: IGF ABCs for Newbie [1]

YCIG website [2]

Youth IGF Summit 2019 website [3]

Youth Initiatives [4]

Youth Observatory (Youth SIG): Declaration [5]

Youth Observatory (Youth SIG): Creating Networks: Localising Youth Initiatives [6]


Focal Point:

Meri Baghdasaryan

Org team:

Eileen Cejas

Noha Ashraf

Mili Semlani

Joao Pedro Martins

Veronica Birindelli

Marko Paloski

Charalampos Kyritsis

Farhan Khan

Roberto Gaetano

Valeriya Dubitskaya

Key participants:

Part 1:

Elisabeth Schauermann, YouthDIG/ Youth IGF Summit 2019

Nika Bakhsoliani, Advisory Council on Youth, Council of Europe

Part 2:

Veronica Birindelli, Youth IGF Italy

Joao Pedro Martins, Lusophone Youth IGF, Portugal

Part 3:

Noha Ashraf, YCIG

Elnur Karimov, Youth Observatory, EEG Regional Engagement Director

Moderator: Meri Baghdasaryan, YCIG

Remote moderator: Eileen Cejas, YCIG, Youth Observatory(Youth SIG)

Rapporteur: Mili Semlani, YCIG, Youth4IG

Video record