“Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” – What is happening in your community? – YOUthDIG 01 2022

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18 June 2022 | 09:30 - 11:00 CEST
YOUthDIG 2022, main programme

Session teaser

The first step of taking action and advocating for change is identifying what is happening in your community. At this session, the speakers and participants will first discuss best practices regarding how to identify developments and action points in their communities. This will be followed by an activity in small groups, where participants are tasked to identify an issue in their region or country that they would like to address in the youth messages or during their participation at the EuroDIG sessions. The session will end with a presentation on an example of a development that is currently taking place, namely the growing use of deepfake technology.


The session '“Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” - What is happening in your community?' will consist of a presentation and discussion, followed up with an activity in small groups.

Further reading


Focal Points

  • Daphne Stevens
  • Vlad Ivanets

Key participants

  • Veronica Piccolo (#DearGovernments)
  • Daphne Stevens