Chances and challenges of single sign-on digital identities for citizens. – Flash 04 2019

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19 June 2019 | 14:45-15:50 | EVEREST 1 & 2
Consolidated programme 2019 overview

Session teaser

Digital Identities for citizens are an emerging hot topic in the governance of Internet’s infrastructure and services as it touches many key questions of our digital future.

Session description

Today the Single Sign-on identifiers of Google and Facebook dominate the playing field with hundreds of milliones of daily users. But none of these logins are welcome for e-government services where the true and validated identity of the citizen and the protection of personal data matters most.

Digital identities touch key questions like security, privacy and openess for the involved parties which are governments, companies and individuals.

The issue is to debate which single sign-on digital identities are capable to fulfill todays and future requirements and how should their governance look like. Do we want industry operated closed identities (walled-garden) or community/government managed open identites.

As citizens are prepared, willing and waiting for greater security, the digital identity represents a perfect opportunity for public authorities to revitalize the 'sovereign bond' with citizens.


After a short intro into the topic by the chair persons the governance of Digital Identities should be discussed with the audience. It sould be called a debate format.

It is expected to have a lively discussion whether Digital Identities should be validated and managed by private entities or by an community/governmental approach.

Key question are:

  • How much digital sovereignity do citizens need and want?
  • Should the public sector take care not only for the official physical identity (passport, ID card) but also for the official digital identity?
  • What are the real advantages of the different identity models?
  • What's next on this topic?
  • tbd

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Key participants are

  • Dirk Krischenowski (organizer of the session and CEO of dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG),
  • Jörg Schweiger (CEO of DENIC e.G. and ID4me founding members)
  • tbd
  • tbd