NCUC. Advancing your non-commercial rights in domain name policy space – Flash 13 2017

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7 June 2017 | 16:30 - 17:30 | Room Tornimäe I, Swissotel, Tallinn, Estonia
Programme overview 2017

Session teaser

Join the Non-Commercial Users Constituency flash session at EuroDIG 2017 to discuss how to enter the domain names policy space and advance your interests there!


ICANN, NCUC, Domain names, DNS, Non-Commercial Interests, Internet governance, accountability, transparency

Session description

NCUC is the leading representative of civil society in ICANN’s multistakeholder model. We advocate positions on domain name-related policies that protect and support noncommercial communication and activity on the Internet. NCUC members are involved in civil liberties and human rights, Internet freedom, consumer protection, education, research, development, and many other areas of public policy advocacy, both within ICANN and contributing to other Internet governance and Internet policy spaces. We are also working to make ICANN as organisation more accountable and transparent.

We will discuss our work at ICANN, the challenges and successes of advocating for non-commercial interests, and the possibilities to get involved in this work or to stay informed about it.


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