Tagcoding – A digital skill for the sustainable society – Flash 11 2019

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20 June 2019 | 14:00-14:30 | EVEREST 1 & 2
Consolidated programme 2019 overview

Session teaser

#tagcoding means that one uses standardized hashtags to relate online information to specific topics in order to structure it and retrieve it easily. This session introduces systematically defined hashtags for key topic dimensions as well as online tools for looking up a topic's coding hashtag. Participants are invited to challenge the theory of change that calls for a broad-based adoption of #tagcoding as an enabler for strengthening the trust of interested citizens in countless institutions.

Session description

The session is dedicated to introducing a general purpose skill through presentation, demo, and hands on trial by the participants.


The presentation will start with an elevator pitch.

A demo will focus on:

  • getting to know the topic dimensions that matter to sustainable development;
  • finding the #tagcoding hashtag for a topic; and
  • retrieving #tagcoded social media content.

In the handson trial, participants are invited to apply #tagcoding to the content they care about, and to experience its benefits.

The session concludes with a view on the digital cooperation benefits of #tagcoding.

Further reading

  • #tagcoding handbook
  • Actor Atlas


  • Jan Goossenaerts
  • To be confirmed