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Notes from 1st Call

Proposed title options

  • Copyright reform: what is right, what is wrong?
  • Directive on copyright in the digital single market – expectations and reality, benefit or harm?
  • Copyright reform in Europe – Who will benefit?

Final proposal: Copyright reform in Europe – expectations and reality, benefit or harm?

Proposed session description

In the ongoing debate on copyright reform, proposals like mandatory content-filtering technologies to monitor user-generated content and creating a new exclusive right for press publishers raise a number of questions regarding their impact on users' fundamental rights, intermediaries' liability and the use of copyright-protected content by Internet users globally. On the other hand, within the policy debate there is a focus on the rights holders perspective, leaving the interests and concerns of other stakeholders out in the cold. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the resulting expectations of policy makers will be met, which poses the question – is this the right way to improve the situation of authors?


  • 45min panel discussion
  • 30min one discussion participant added from audience, switches every 5min (fishbowl)
  • 30min Q&A

Initial e-mail to mailing list

Dear everyone,

welcome to the Org Team for the session "Copyright reform: what is right, what is wrong?" at EuroDIG 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Our session will take place on June 4th (Day 0) at 11h, and we have a timeslot of 3h to shape freely.

In order to start, I propose that we build our session on top of the outcomes of last year's Copyfighters pre-event [1] as well as the WS 07 session [2]. While the former was focused on a broader vision of how copyright should be adapted for the digital age, the latter directly connected these issues to the ongoing EU copyright reform, which is currently in its hot phase, with a decisive vote in the European Parliament's Legal Affairs committee scheduled for shortly after EuroDIG. This is one of the key questions, which of these two themes we want to emphasize.

Furthermore, we will have to decide on a format for our session. We are strongly encouraged to use participatory methods such as world cafés or fishbowl discussions, but we are also free to arrange e.g. a classic panel discussion if we prefer. Please note that we do not have the resources to invite speakers or panelists, thus we will have to make sure that our format works out with the conference participants present.

To decide all of this and more, I suggest we hold a short (max. 1h) online call this week to get things of the ground. Please participate in this Doodle to fix a date:


We will gather all of the information about our planning status on the EuroDIG wiki [3]. Please also send me your name and affiliation, in case you want to be listed as an Org Team Member and can't find yourself on the wiki page.

I'm looking forward to our cooperation and hearing all of your inputs at the call.

Best regards, Bernhard

[1] [2] [3]