Working with FinTech – Issues & Opportunities – BigStage 2021

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29 June 2021 | 11:30 CEST | Amphitheatre | Video recording
BigStage 2021 overview

Session teaser

This session first provides an overview of the emerging ecosystem of fintech. It then illustrates with examples, the challenges and opportunities for the arts and entertainment industry as well as for women, groups that have had to rapidly embrace technologies and fintech in recent years.

Session description

The fintech ecosystem infused society rapidly in 2020, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Four to five years of traditional business investment in technology was made within 6 months, in 2020. Large numbers of European citizens of all ages and gender took, newly, to online services such as banking, shopping and e-government services. Small businesses had to innovate digitally to sustain business. Artists of all genre had to digitize so as to create new innovative artistic channels. Older citizens were compelled to embrace technology. Banks and insurance companies moved ahead with development of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Recognition, Scanning, Hologram and other technologies. Crowd Funding, Payment Systems, Virtual Assistants and Crypto Currencies became available to all. But how easy is it to access and adapt to these new features? Does the average citizen have the digital skills?


The format for this session is a fireside chat. A small group of guests chatting with the session presenter, in an informal manner. Due to Corvid-19, and restrictions on physical gatherings, this session is presented virtually.

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Invited Guests:

  • Paloma Castro Martinez
    Paloma defends gender diversity and women's empowerment to invest through Rating of financial services from the point of view of women, with her Initiative WEINvest.
    She is an advisor to craft and cultural enterprises and a respected corporate affairs practitioner having worked in major international companies like PayPal, LVMH , McDonald’s, LIME. She is Currently a VP strategy at Euros agency group working on ESG investment and brand sustainability.
    Paloma continues to be engaged in the economy of tomorrow as a seed capital investor on development of inclusive business models, such as Freeda Media or plume.
    She has pursued Executive Studies in the Strategic Approach to Digital Disruption at INSEAD; Graduate Studies in Economics & French Administration Policy from CHEDE; in Environmental Management and Urban Planning from Universite Libre de Bruxelles and studied Law at the Universidad de Valladolid amongst other achievements.
  • Jenny Sicat Crabbe
    Jenny is the President of Welcome to Washington International Club and on the Board of its parent organization, Welcome Clubs International (WCI). This global non-profit organization aims to bring women from all cultures together to foster international friendship and understanding. WCI was recently recognized with Consultative Status by the UN ECOSOC arm.
    Jenny’s earlier career was spent on Wall Street, primarily with J.P. Morgan, as an investment professional with global responsibilities. After her daughter was born, she shifted her focus towards the Arts which formed a large part of her youthful life. As VP of Programs for an Arts non-profit in California, she developed innovative programs to impart art appreciation and art history to school children. She also remains very involved in the Ballet community, as a dancer and later, as a Board member for a local ballet company in Washington DC. Jenny holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Economics from the University of Warwick, and an M.Sc. in Economics from University of Bristol, both in the UK. She was also on the Board of Warwick University’s initial non-profit fundraising arm in the US from inception until its legal format changed.


  • Amali De Silva – Mitchell
    Amali is educated as an Economist (BSc.(Hons) Warwick UK); Accountant (CPA, CMA from BC, Canada & MSc. Accounting & Finance, London School of Economics UK) and has pursued postgraduate studies in Computer Science (Imperial College, UK). She has worked in the technology, manufacturing, non-profit, government, accounting and consulting sectors. She has been active in the global Information and Communication Technologies sector for over 20 years commencing with the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) when President of the Vancouver Community Network and has participated with EuroDIG over several years. Amali is Founder and Coordinator of the Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies recognized by the United Nations Internet Governance Forum and was a 2021 WSIS Forum (United Nations International Telecommunications Union) High Level Track Facilitator for High-Level Policy Session 3 Bridging Digital Divides.
    Amali is a supporter of the arts and entertainment industry. She was President of the University of Warwick Tap Dancing society and was the Warwick Student Union Representative for the Arts and Entertainment Societies. She is an active artist and futurist.


Compiled by Amali De Silva – Mitchell

  • The invited guests highlighted the critical importance of technology skills mentoring for groups such as women.
  • The above also supports the ITU @ FiGI working group recent call for skills development support, other than direct technology skills, for the onboarding (reading the privacy and user agreements) and general customer experience enhancement with technology application use and opportunities there-of so as to connect the last mile.

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