Keynotes 03 2018

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6 June 2018 | 16:00-16:15 | GARDEN HALL | YouTube video
Consolidated programme 2018

Keynotes 03 2018

Vladyslav Radysh Government Relations Director, The Bitfury Group

Bitfury is the leading full-service blockchain technology company. visit their website

Vladyslav Radysh has over 25 years of experience in IT, out of which 17 years in IT management, IT consulting, IT sales and IT strategy development, 9 years on management positions and Government strategic relationships. During the last 20 years Vlad has risen from the rank of Internet Pioneer - System Administrator in leading National Telecommunication provider to Public Sector Director in Microsoft then Director, Global Government Relations CIS&SEE region in Visa, Head of GR in leading Mobile operator VEON Group and now Head of GR in leading Worldwide Blockchain company. During the last 9 years Vlad is deeply engaged in development and deployment of ICT strategy for industrial and governmental customers in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Kazakhstan with major focus on business development, countrywide projects, multilayer security and standardization.


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>> JORN ERBGUTH: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. We are going to start in three minutes.


>> JORN ERBGUTH: Hello. It has been a long day. I'm happy to welcome you now at our Blockchain sessions. We will start with the keynote speaker with Vlad Radysh. Welcome. Vlad Radysh is the government relations Director of Bitfury and Bitfury is the company behind many Blockchain projects in Georgia here he is behind the Blockchain project of the goring land registry and Bitfury is one of the main sponsors, thank you very much. Looking forward to your talk.

  >> VLADYSLAV RADYSH: Thank you so much. Thank you so much for introducing me and the company.

And for those kind words. Also I would like to say a special thanks to the team which organised the Blockchain session today in the morning. That was the great example how complicated technologies could be explained in simple words, using the even gaming technology. That was a great start. Thank you so much, guys. That was great.

So thank you for inviting me to participate in this important discussion, which is taking place at an exciting time for Europe and technology. My name is Vlad Radysh, Director of government relations of a leading, world's leading full service Blockchain company, the Bitfury Group. It is an honor and pleasure for me to speak to you today about one of my favorite topics, the future of these technologies.

I want to talk about the future of the technology which I believe will be driven by globe changing innovations known as Blockchain.

And I want to talk about our future as a community living in a world that I hope will offer assistance and services that empower people and enrich their lives.

The two topics I believe are deeply connected. Founded in 2011, the Bitfury Group is the world's leading full service Blockchain technology company and one of the largest infrastructure providers for cryptocurrency ecosystems. Bitfury delivers the software and hardware solution necessary for businesses, governments, organisations and individuals to securely move assets across the Blockchain.

Bitfury believes Blockchain and can cryptotechnologies will open doors for prosperity. Our central mission is to promote innovations and by building scalable cryptocurrency services and products. That was our natural desire to support the first time Blockchain became the major topic of the EuroDIG closing session. That is very important for us. There is a lot of excitement about Blockchain and its potential to change the world. Everywhere I go I am asked to explain what is this Bitcoin Blockchain and honestly, more importantly, why it matters.

Briefly, let me explain that. When it was created it enabled people to send information anywhere in the world. Today we can communicate and share data worldwide in a fraction of a second. We live in a digital world.

While most of our information can be digitized, while most of our information can be digitized, anything of value, all our assets, is still on the paper or plastic. Your land titles, your car, property titles, passports, IDs, everything.

Even though we are using different registry systems and databases, they are still baked by paper. Why? Because the internet was not designed to guarantee secure transactions. Security systems are often too complicated. As you know, the more complicated a system is, the more vulnerable it will be to hackers.

Okay. And on the other hand, Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology was by default designed for secure transactions. And with the help of this technology now, we have finally can digitize the second part of the world, the world of values, the world of assets. So a few years from now you and I will be able to transfer any assets from one person to another as easy as we are sending messages now. More importantly, it will be secure.

So when we are talking about the Blockchain, we are talking first and foremost about security. There are a lot of Blockchains, private and public. There are a lot of debate about what is good and what is not good. What is secure and what is not secure. Bitfury has been working in this space since 2011 and we are constantly analyzing all available Blockchains and cryptocurrencies. When it comes to security there is nothing closes to Bitcoin Blockchain. It is the most secure Blockchain. Why? It has been pron by time since it was created in 2008. It has never been hacked. Two, because it supports it by thousands of brilliant developers globally and it is open source, it is based on open source and so everyone in the world can check every single line of protocol code.

Three, because it contains both software and hardware security. Four, because it is very simple and straightforward. It is also one of the world's most transparent networks so far because all transactions are publicly available for tracing.

The Bitcoin Blockchain is the best possible combination of privacy and security. That explains why law enforcement officials can help them fight crime. While -- is untrackable, Bitcoin Blockchain is transparent in the public ledger.

Many representatives of law enforcement agencies say that Bitcoin Blockchain is a great tool which, how to say, with which to track illegal behavior. So at the same time people's privacy can be protected. Individuals can control access to their data and assets with encryption case. So Bitcoin Blockchain takes our interconnected world and adds a much needed layer of security.

The internet enables us to send information to anyone around the world with the click of a button. But that was just the beginning. Now with the Bitcoin Blockchain we can quickly directly and securely send digital currency to any person anywhere in the world. Soon to be the same with assets.

Just think for a minute about the all important ways that Blockchain technology can improve the system and services that you and I rely on every day to do our job, our lives, and our -- think about how you interact with your bank today. You probably pay high fees, it is complicated, also true. There is a risk that the entire system could be manipulated or corrupted.

It enables you to use SmartContracts to simplify business processes. And perhaps most importantly, it simplifies the way you exchange financial documents and data.

So Blockchain provides a convenient online audit of your banking history. Governments healthcare systems today are out of date, complicated and corrupt. Prescriptions are often falsified. Medical suppliers are limited. Records are lost and stolen. Blockchain provides more efficient tracking of your medicine, makes it difficult to falsify your records and make it easier for you to obtain prescriptions. To build healthcare technologies that literally saves lives, Bitfury partners with a company that uses advanced algorithms to research and develop new drugs and to improve the drug discovery process.

Blockchain also makes it easier and more efficient for you to conduct financial audits. Currently the process can be expensive and time-consuming. The Blockchain makes it faster, less expensive and 100 percent reliable. The Blockchain is a game changer for governments and businesses with extensive supply chain networks. Fewer, overdue deliveries, fewer, less corruption, Blockchain creates transparent, eliminates duplication of accounts and cuss down on corruption.

Your online identity is currently jeopardized by unreliable middle men and slow processing of paperwork. Imagine a world where you identify -- when your identity could be verified faster and for less money by third parties. It would be resistant to hacking and internal fraud. You can use it in almost any venue and you can do so without the need to the third-party verification.

In other words, you can control your own identity. It is a simple and yet profound con accept. It will change the world.

In 2011 in the early days of the Blockchain we created biff group. At the same time we had a small dream to make the world a better place. Today I'm proud to say that Bitfury Group is doing just that. We are one of the leading security providers and introduction Professors for the Bitcoin Blockchain network. We utilize computing power with centers around the world and innovating to ensure that Bitcoin Blockchain is using the best technology available, transactions permanently secured through the process of Bitcoin mining.

Last year we launched a ground breaking product called Exonum which is the next step in Blockchain technology. This will help businesses and governments securely and easily bring their ideas and solutions to life. Exonum is your private Blockchain. It is the best possible, fast, and most secure way to transfer your work to a Blockchain based system. We work every day to find Blockchain solutions that make systems and services work better for people. With that goal in mind, in April 2016 we announced we would pilot the first Blockchain land title and registry in partnership with the Republic of Georgia and renowned economist Hernando deSoto. As of today we have registered hundreds of thousands of titles in Georgia. Every one is stamped and citizens can get a digital copy with a hash card.

If it is deleted or destroyed, citizens can restore it. Each certificate restores a piece of what belongs to the individual and the proof of existence of this record in the Blockchain.

This also empowers individuals to control their own records in government systems so that nobody without permission can change the record.

Unfortunately, this is happening every day to people in countries around the world. People lose their property because someone just changed the records in the registry or it is simply lost. Following Hurricane Matthew in 2016, all government data in Haiti was destroyed and the country still cannot restore all the data. And the data related to property as well. This is unacceptable. People shouldn't have to live like this. Fortunately, they don't. Blockchain helps governments protect citizens from this kind of calamity. Once it is recorded on the Blockchain, information cannot be altered, deleted or lost.

And in April 2017, we announced we had signed a memorandum of cooperation and understanding with the Ukraine State agency for governance to began full scale eGovernance programme. Our work there is still in early stages but we are using a similar private Blockchain design using our Exonum platform, under the secure Bitcoin Blockchain to create land titling and state auctions.

I would like to conclude my remarks with one simple thought. Blockchain can bring the extra layer of trust to the internet that we need. And that alone, the singular power of trust can change the world for the better. Imagine trusting that your data stored online wouldn't be hacked. Imagine being able to engage with your government quickly, efficiently and all online. Imagine sending any assets anywhere in the world quickly, efficiently and without middle men.

Imagine a world where no one can corrupt a ledger of data set to suit their needs. Imagine living in a world with the most trust and less 41, more joy, less frustration. That is the future with Blockchain. A more secure, efficient, enjoyable digital world.

The Bitfury Group is proud to partner with governments and companies around the world to help make this vision a reality. There are uncertain times, and you well know that. But I'm confident that the future in Europe and around the world will be much brighter than our past. My confidence is based in the part of my unwavering belief that Blockchain technology can help restore trust around the world while expanding economic opportunities for everyone.

Those opportunities will create a better, more peaceful world for all of us, our families and our children. Thank you very much, colleagues. Thank you.



>> JORN ERBGUTH: Thank you, Vladyslav Radysh.

This text is based on live transcription. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), captioning, and/or live transcription are provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings. This text is not to be distributed or used in any way that may violate copyright law.