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About the EuroDIG wiki

This is the working tool of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG). Each year EuroDIG organises a big event where all stakeholders present their views and positions on diverse issues. Each sesssion at the event is organised by multistakeholder groups. This wiki is the working tool of the organising tools. Here you can follow and join the organising teams anytime.

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About EuroDIG

EuroDIG is the European Internet Governance Forum, the regional initiative of the UN mandated Internet Governance Forum (IGF). euroDIG is an open platform for informal and inclusive discussion and exchange on public policy issues related to Internet Governance (IG) between stakeholders from all over Europe. EuroDIG is a network which is open to all European stakeholders who are interested in contributing to an open and interactive discussion on IG issues. For more information visit