Big data and the challenges for the media

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We are seeing a whole economy develop around data and cloud computing. Businesses using them, whole industries depending on them, data volumes are increasing exponentially. Data is not just an economic sideshow; it is a whole new asset class; requiring new skills and creating new jobs. The most important journalistic skill that emerges in the future is the skill to ask questions and seek their answers in large datasets, the ability to analyze the numbers and trends that stand behind them, to frame events and form a picture of the whole.

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Every minute the world generates 1.7 million billion bytes of data, equivalent to 360,000 standard DVDs. From instruments, sensors, online transactions, email, videos, and a host of other digital sources. More digitised data was created in the last two years than in the rest of human history. This trend and the mountains of data it produces is what we call "Big data". The big data sector is growing at a rate of 40% a year. Handling big data requires increased technological capacity, new tools and new skills.

  • Public data has significant potential for re-use in new products and services. Overall economic gains from opening up this resource could amount to € 40 billion a year in the EU;
  • Addressing societal challenges – having more data openly available will help us discover new and innovative solutions;
  • Achieving efficiency gains through sharing data inside and between public administrations;
  • Fostering participation of citizens in political and social life and increasing transparency of government.
  • Open data refers to the idea that certain data should be freely available for use and re-use.
    • New Media & Journalism
    • Journalism Without Journalists
    • Journalism and Databases /Database Journalism & Data-driven Journalism)
    • Robot Journalism
    • Open Source Journalism
    • Wiki Journalism
    • De Facto Journalism
    • Journalism without Journalists


big data, open data, re-use , data journalism, big data analytics

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  • Anelia Dimova- MTITC, Bulgarian Government
  • Reni Antonova- MTITC, Bulgarian Government

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