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In an information society, whose center is the user special place as the voice of public opinion takes up blogging. Along with the social networks blogs are a significant factor in the media landscape that affect public discourse and the development of democratic processes.

Session description

Social networks, file-sharing and microblogging have become widely used on mobile phones, with a profound impact on social interactions. They have become tools for free expression and citizen journalism, crowdsourcing information and organization of political protest – but have also raised concerns over privacy, bullying, hate speech and intellectual property. Today along with traditional media, there are other media entities, and similar media services and platforms that are carriers and / or content creators, media system seems more complex and the need for interpretation of the essence and the various Its participants - imperative.


blogs, participation, protests, blogosphere, media, media literacy, freedom of expression

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  • Bisera Zankova-Civil Society
  • Anelia Dimova-Civil Society

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