Dynamic Coalition (IGF) on Data Driven Health Technologies – Building an onboarding toolkit together – Pre 02 2022

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20 June 2022 | 13:00 - 14:30 CEST | FabLab / Fibonacci | Video recording
Consolidated programme 2022 overview / Day 0

Session teaser

This session will bring together Youth and other interested participants, to discuss the content for an internet use and applications onboarding toolkit, so as to support citizen's unfamiliar with internet practice.

Session description

The session is hosted in collaboration with the United Nations Internet Governance Forum recognized Dynamicn Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies.

DC DDHT is developing a community internet, best practices, onboarding toolkit. This tool kit is intended for use by citizen's supporting others, such as the elderly or sick, or those who lack internet skills, to onboard to the internet, and fully utilize the services of telemedicine, online information, the medical internet of things and so forth . The intention is to support ehealth, mhealth and telemedicine initiatives and internet access. The toolkit is expected to be launched at the IGF meetings, DC DDHT session, in 2022 by hyprid participation to Ethiopia .

In 2021 a DC DDHT representative presented a Big Stage event, that discussed the issues of onboarding to the internet. This session builds on the outputs of that event.

The session will also high light issues that have to be addressed from a policy perspective. These issues will then be discussed further, at the DC DDHT meetings, which invites participation from all.


The session will be conducted in a hybrid format, engaging all participants to respond to a series of questions. The session moderator will present a question and each session participant will have a few minutes to respond. Amali will provide a recap to the ITU work / EuroDIG Big Stage event for the framwork 3 mins

A sample of the questions are as follows:

  • Question 1: What should be included in a tip sheet for citizen onboarding to the internet ? (Modertor tba)
  • Question 2: What helpful resources are available on the internet for those new to the internet? (Moderator tba)
  • Question 3: What are the names of effective translator aps available for public use, any limitations or risks? (Moderator tba)
  • Question 4: What issues should someone new to the internet think about before they onboard ? (Moderator tba)

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Focal Points

  • Amali De Silva - Mitchell
  • Nadia Tjahja
  • Herman Ramos

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  • Amali De Silva - Mitchell
  • Nadia Tjahja
  • Frédéric Cohen
  • Herman Ramos

Key Participants

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  • Herman Ramos
  • Frédéric Cohen
  • Alex Buckham
  • Yao
  • Amado Espinosa
  • Amali de Silva-Mitchell

Remote Moderator

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