Tackling online disinformation: a European approach – Flash 02 2018

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5 June 2018 | 12:15-12:45
Consolidated programme 2018

Session teaser

This session would seek to open the opportunity for stakeholders from around Europe to ask questions or enter discussions about the EU Communication on "Tackling online disinformation: a European Approach" that was published on 25 April 2018.


Fake News, HLEG

Session description

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The Flash Session will open with a short 5 minute introduction timeline of EU Commission activities that lead to the Communication on Tackling online disinformation: a European Approach with the audience moderated by one of the YouthDIG Fellows. This is followed by a presentation by Mr Cesarini and then a moderated question and answer follows.

Further reading

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Focal Point

  • Nadia Tjahja, Steering Committee Member (WEOG & EEG), Youth Coalition on Internet Governance

Organising Team (Org Team)

  • Virginija Balciunaite, YouthDIG Fellow
  • Claudia Scandol, YouthDIG Fellow

Key Participants

To be confirmed