Frogans Project (by OP3FT)

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Session teaser

Frogans Project (by OP3FT)
Presentation of the Frogans technology, a NEW technology for the publishing of content on the Internet, open to the creativity of publishers and in the service of all Internet users.

Session description

The aim of the session is to give an overview of the Frogans technology

How can the Frogans technology be used?
Who can develop on top of Frogans technology?
What can be developed on top of Frogans technology?
Who will benefit from the Frogans technology?
When will the Frogans technology become available?
We will also present a short video of demonstrations of the Frogans technology that was developed by the OP3FT.

Presentation of OP3FT, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to hold, promote, protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge.

Room Madara
17:30 - 18:00
Day 1, 4th June 2015


  • Frogans
  • Technology
  • OP3FT
  • Open standard for the Internet
  • International characters
  • Multistakeholder governance
  • Dot frogans


A live presentation of Frogans Technology and OP3FT
A video for demos

Further reading


Sebastien Bachollet

Session twitter hashtag

Hashtag: #eurodigfrogans #frogans @froganstech