How can we shape the digital single market together? – Opening plenary 2015

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4 June 2015 | 9:30-11:00
Programme overview 2015

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The European Digital Single Market is a next challenge to provide new opportunities on various levels including jobs, entrepreneurship and skills development.

Session description

The European Digital Single Market Strategy was released just ahead of EuroDIG (see further reading). It is aimed at removing barriers and fragmentations in the EU Digital Single Market. Existing EU proposals intend to create one Single Market, notably for net neutrality, abolishment of EU roaming surcharges, and online sales restrictions. Discussions during the Opening plenary need an encouraging and positive spin to reach the next level. Now is the time to shape European rules in these areas by providing incentives which would be positive for consumers, businesses, and citizens' rights. Another important aspect is how to bridge existing digital gaps between Western and South-Eastern economies, infrastructures, markets, environments and access conditions?


Digital Single Market, Strategy, European, net neutrality, roaming surcharges, online sales restrictions, consumers right


Interactive panel discussion; including a maximum of interaction with the audience. Possibility to submit questions and comments in advance. (Twitter, questioner, during the session)

Further reading

Video from President Juncker

Factsheet on DSM

Q&A on DSM

Policy debate on Digital Single Market Strategy


  • Org team:
    • Anelia Dimova, MTITC (Information Technology & E-governance Directorate)
    • Totka Chernaeva, MTITC (Head of Department European Programs and Projects)
    • Diman Stamatov, MTITC (Expert in the above mentioned Department)
    • Frederic Donck, ISOC
    • Cristina Monti, European Commission
    • Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC
    • Lee Hibbard, Council of Europe
    • Thomas Schneider, OFCOM
    • Giacomo Mazzone, EBU
    • Christian Borggreen, Computer & Communications Industry Association
    • Wolf Ludwig, EuroDIG Secretariat
    • Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG Secretariat
    • Lorena Jaume-Palasi, EuroDIG Secretariat
    • Iliya Bazlyankov, UNICART
  • Key participants|Panelists:
    • GOVERNMENT: Valery Borisov, Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Bulgaria
    • TECHNICAL COMMUNITY: Hans Petter Holen, Chairman of RIPE
    • INTERGOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION: Megan Richards, Principal Advisor, European Commission DG Connect
    • USER: Olivier Crepin-Leblond, former Chair of ICANNs At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)
    • BUSINESS: Michele Neylon, Blacknight Solutions, Hosting, Colocation & Domains
  • Moderator:
    • Gergana Passy, Digital Champion - Bulgaria
  • Reporter: Thomas Schneider, OFCOM (tbc)
  • Remote moderator: Lorena Jaume-Palasi, EuroDIG secretariat

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Speech of EU Commissioner Guenther Oettinger

Final report

  1. Internet is a powerful tool for achieving bigger economic growth and to promote innovation and well-being in the society. All stakeholders need to make efforts to make that reality and not just a concept.
  2. European digital single market is a moving target as technology develops fast. Governments who are generally considered slow and bureaucratic need to be more dynamic and flexible.
  3. European digital single market and multistakeholder internet governance are mutually reenforcing. Europe should be at forefront in promoting open, free and secure Internet in light of the major global Internet governance events this year.
  4. Due attention should be paid to other issues than merely economic issues. Trust should be promoted and human rights of Internet users, children as particularly vulnerable group.
  5. There is need for good regulation and governments and European Commission can play positive role. This should however not lead to overregulation or be detrimental to freedom of information.
  6. There is a need for a European flagship initiative which is real and touchers users – roaming, investment into broadband infrastructure.

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