Intelligent Risk management for children and youths in the digital age

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Session subject

  • positive aspects of the current situation
  • future developments and resulting challenges
  • options to react and to cope with the challenges
  • innovation and progress

Session description

In respect of the legal framework of children's rights (freedom of speech and information, privacy and the right to grow up in a safe and secure environment) and parents and other adults' duties to care and educate intelligent risk management for children and youths in the digital world must build on different pillars, i. e. positive content, parental control by technical means, safety by design, empowerment of children and youths.Overall, measures aimed at protection of minors need to be applied in a broad social and ethical contexts, combining application of new technologies, parental oversight, education, social services, law enforcement, and self-regulatory policies by social networks and ISPs. The workshop will invite 4 speakers to give a short statement of the status quo each speaker towards one of the 4 pillars (5 min each). By means of an appreciative approach the workshop participants will then discuss: positive aspects of the current situation, future developments and resulting challenges, options to react and to cope with the challenges, innovation and progress. The debate shall cover technical aspects as well as societal developments and the legal and political framework. See discussion


  • Focal point: Jutta Croll, Zentrum für Kinderschutz im Internet - I-KiZ
  • Live moderator: Jutta Croll
  • Rapporteur: Regina Henke
  • Remote participation moderator: Katharina Kahmann
  • Digital facilitator: Lorena
  • Panelists/speakers:
  • John Carr, eNACSO
  • Lidia de Reese, fragfinn
  • Elizabeth Milovidov, Child Rights / Internet Safety Advocate
  • Narine Khachatryan, Safer Internet Armenia
  • Sabine Frank, Google Deutschland
  • Tilman Gräter, I-KiZ
  • Lennart Nickel / Luca Troncone, klicksafe Youth Panel

Format of this working group at EuroDIG

Workshop. World cafe

Protocol. Discussions

See discussion

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Final report from working group

PDF (approx. 2 weeks after event)

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