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The session updates EuroDIG participants about the progress and next steps of the Internet & Jurisdiction Project's global multi-stakeholder dialogue process.

Session description

The flash will present the draft architecture of a transnational due process framework for the Internet that has been elaborated by the Internet & Jurisdiction process. It will seek input on the next steps of the global process towards the development of an operational pilot version and be an opportunity to reach out to more stakeholders at EuroDIG.

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The Internet & Jurisdiction Project facilitates a global multi-stakeholder dialogue process to address the tension between the cross-border nature of the Internet and geographically defined national jurisdictions. It provides a neutral platform for over 80 key actors from states, business, civil society and international organizations to elaborate a transnational due process framework to handle the digital coexistence of diverse national laws in shared cross-border online spaces.


Jurisdiction, Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration, Due Process, Cross-border Requests

Further reading

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Hashtag: #eurodigf8