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17 June 2024 | 10:00 - 11:00 EEST | Auditorium
Consolidated programme 2024

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Working title: NRI Assembly

Session teaser

During the last 2 years we focused on youth engagement in the Internet Governance processes. We are now one year ahead of the prolongation of the IGF mandate. New national IGFs are still emerging, but others are facing difficulties. We would like to engage in a debate between emerging and established NRIs and identify the biggest challenges and the impact of the future of the UN IGF.

This session will focus on the following 3 segments:

  1. Establishing new National and Regional IGFs
  2. Engagement of Governments
  3. Role of NRIs in the IGF eco system and their future

Session description

1. Establishing new National and Regional IGFs:

In Czech Republic, Ireland and Norway new National Internet Governance Forums (NRIs) are emerging. This involves different ways of setting up platforms for stakeholders to discuss internet policy, governance, and related issues specific to their countries. We are seeking for input from established NRIs that can provide valuable insights, experiences, and best practices to help shape the new initiatives

2. Engagement of Governments:

Governments often face challenges in engaging with NRIs due to differences in priorities, understanding of Internet issues, and bureaucratic barriers. Engaging governments in NRIs is crucial for ensuring policies are informed by diverse perspectives, promoting multistakeholder cooperation, and fostering transparency in decision-making. Role of NRIs in the IGF eco system

3. Questions for discussion:

  • What are the consequences of ending the IGF in 2025?
  • Are there alternatives for the U.N. system for a global IGF?
  • What is the added value of Internet governance organisations at national and regional level?
  • What are the advantages and / or disadvantages of working solely on the national and regional level?


Moderated discussion among organisers of a national or regional IGF (NRI) with a focus on European initiatives, including the UN IGF.

Further reading

European Internet Governance Initiatives


Key participants:

Example for a list:

  • Ireland - Declan McDermott, Policy & Compliance Officer, CIPP/E; CIPM (.ie)
  • Czech Republic - Natalie Tercova, Chair of IGF Czechia and YouthDIG fellow 2023
  • Nigel Hickson, Head Internet Governance Policy; Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation, UK