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17 June 2024 | 11:15 - 12:15 EEST | WS room 1
Consolidated programme 2024

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Working title: UNESCO Session: Launching IGF Dynamic Coalition on Measuring Digital inclusion for building inclusive Knowledge Societies

Session teaser

Session description

In line with the implementation of IFAP Strategic Plan 2023-2029, Information for All Programme (IFAP), jointly with Global Digital Inclusion Partnership (GDIP), takes this session to launch the newly founded IGF Dynamic Coalition (DC) on Measuring Digital Inclusion, with the presence of DC partners including International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), Regional Centre for Studies on the Development of the Information Society (CETIC), United Nations University Group on Electronic Governance (UNU-EGOV), and Tech and Global Affairs Innovation Hub.

The session, gathering IFAP Chair, IFAP Working Groups and Dynamic Coalition partners, aims to engage with European and international stakeholders and leaders for triggering policy discussion on how to join synergies and advance inclusive digital governance and create digital ecosystems that are accessible to everyone, including women and girls.

The discussion builds upon the insights derived from the IFAP Working Groups-organized AI for Accessibility (AI4IA) Conference and global brainstorming on implementing AI ethics recommendation of UNESCO. Therefore, the session sheds light on frontier technologies’ impact on advancing digital inclusion and knowledge societies, and how to apply evidence-based approaches and digital measurements frameworks to shape inclusive AI governance, regulation and policies through the newly founded Dynamic Coalition.

The session has three objectives:

  1. Delve into the application of evidence-based approaches and digital measurement frameworks to advance inclusive digital governance. This includes employing measurement frameworks to address digital inequalities between and within countries and communities including women and girls’ empowerment in technology.
  2. Explore the multiple implications of frontier digital technologies such as AI including generative AI, quantum technology, etc, on building digital inclusion and knowledge societies, with a focus on promoting monitoring mechanisms to inform evidence-based policymaking related to frontier digital technologies.
  3. Discuss the strategy, actions, work plans and synergies of the Dynamic Coalition and shed light on the Coalition’s organisation awareness campaigns aimed at fostering multi-stakeholder dialogues, showcasing achievements, and conducting policy studies.


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