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Consolidated programme 2019 overview

Title: Making the Internet multilingual.

Proposals assigned to this session: ID 160, 168, 186 – list of all proposals as pdf

Session teaser

The DC-DNSI is a Dynamic Coalition within the IGF designed to foster a multistakeholder discussion and issue resolution for DNS issues that complement, but do not duplicate or compete with, work undertaken within ICANN and the IETF. Afilias, NTIA and Verisign are the DC-DNSI Secretariat and founding members, and the Coalition currently includes over 50 members of the private, public, civil society and technical community. This session will offer a variety of expert opinions on the continued efforts in advocating for Universal Acceptance.

Session description

This session will first discuss the tremendous body of work done by the UASG with a focus on encouraging UA readiness within the public-sector. In addition, panelists will highlight the ongoing work the DC-DNSI membership has been engaged in since its inaugural meeting at the IGF 2018 in Paris, France. The audience will also have an opportunity to hear from leading experts that are promoting a multilingual domain name system – a truly multilingual Internet that can enable end users to communicate and transact online in their own language. Furthermore, the audience will have a chance to hear from European regional partners of the South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) and their recent session co-organised with the DC-DNSI titled: “Multilingual Internet: local scripts by default.”


The format for this engagement will be a roundtable discussion, which encourage audience participation and exchange information with counterpart officials, and to hear from subject matter experts on how to advance UA-readiness within the public sector at a national and international level.

Further reading

Please find the following links to see prior and current engagements with the DC-DNSI here:

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Onsite Moderator:

  • Melinda Clem, Vice President Strategy, Afilias

Key participants:

  • Susan Chalmers, Internet Policy Specialist, National Telecommunications and Information and Administration (NTIA), US Department of Commerce
  • Lianna Galstyan, External Relations Manager, ISOC Armenia
  • Emily Taylor, CEO Oxford Information Labs
  • Lars Steffen, Director eco International
  • Roberto Gaetano, Former ICANN Board Member
  • Andrea Beccalli, Stakeholder Engagement Director for Europe, ICANN
  • Dennis Tan, Senior Platform Manager, Verisign
  • Nik Smith, Senior Policy Manager, Verisign