The New Age of Healthcare: Robotics & AI for the Medical Internet of Things. – Pre 08 2023

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by Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies

19 June 2023 | 14:00 - 15:30 EEST | Auditorium A3 | Video recording
Consolidated programme 2023 overview / Pre 8

Proposals: #1 #2 #5 #8

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Session teaser

Robotics in health technology can be used in multiple ways to assist with patient care, surgery, research, hospital maintenance, reaching difficult or isolated areas and so forth. Robots are rapidly becoming the resilient partner for the health sector, that can work tirelessly and reliably 24/7.

What is the optimal ecosystem to accelerate the space of data driven health technologies? Are there better ways to build back stronger and faster? What should we pursue and what should we shed, from the experience of using telemedicine during the Covid pandemic? How should we prepare ourselves for the use of robots in our midst?

Session description

The session will explore the following questions:

How can robotics model life, emulate persons and processes so as to enhance and further develop health technologies?

Can robots right the imbalance of access to medical services, information and research? How can new technologies such as AI and robotics, with the internet, support equalization and collaboration between communities and people, and assist in crisis situations such as flood and other natural disasters?

The citizen is vulnerable using the medical internet of things (MIoT), wellness devices, robotics and transacting for health. How can the internet be secured for a quality medical internet of things? Should there be a dedicated, secured, fast speed quality internet for the MIoT?


The moderators will engage participants to a discussion on the above noted issues. The format is similar to a round table but conducted through virtually and onsite participation. Each intervention is permitted two minutes, to encourage a diversity of viewpoints. Slido and Mentimeter may be used to ensure an opportunity for responses, from all participants.

Further reading

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  2. Robotics in Healthcare: The Future of Robots in Medicine - Intel
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Organized by members of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies:

  • Amali De Silva-Mitchell
  • Frederic Cohen
  • Yao Amevi Amessinou Sossou
  • Dr. João Rocha Gomes


  • Amali De Silva-Mitchell
  • Frederic Cohen


  • Lidia Best
  • Judith Hellerstein
  • Wout de Natris
  • Richardo Holmquist

Video record