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17 June 2024 | 14:30 - 15:30 EEST (tbc) | WS room 1
Consolidated programme 2024

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Working title: Youth IGF Track

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Session description

The IGF ‎Secretariat, in collaboration with the current IGF Host Country and all Youth IGF ‎coordinators, is designing and implementing the IGF Youth Track as a capacity development activity implemented throughout the year-round IGF ‎process including at the annual IGF meeting.

Following the outputs that emerged from the previous youth track editions focused on digital transformation and a safe digital future, this year's IGF Youth Track will unpack Artificial Intelligence (AI) issues of importance to youth and for youth.

The theme that will be discussed at EuroDIG is: AI and threats - New Strategies and Algorithms to Detect AI-generated Political Deepfakes


Interactive roundtable exchange between youth from around the world and senior experts

Further reading

About the IGF Youth Track

About deepfakes


Focal Points:

  • Anja Gengo, IGF Secretariat
  • Nadia Tjahja, YOUthDIG Coordinator

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