Introduction to the Youth Messages process – YOUthDIG 2023 webinar 04

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10 June 2023 | 10:00-13:00 CEST
YOUthDIG 2023 programme

Working title: Introduction to the Youth Messages process

Session teaser

The Youth Messages seek to bring together the priorities and visions from young people from all over Europe who come from difficult cultural, academic and professional backgrounds and sectors. We use the Syntegration method - a cybernetic process designed by Stafford Beer which aims to explore multiple perspectives and integrate ideas that arise in a non-hierarchical manner.


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Introduction to the Youth Messages

During this webinar, we will introduce the process of the youth messages and start building an agenda for the youth messages together. Participants will generate statements of importance - thoughts, ideas, perspectives, concerns, solutions - to our collective board from which we will build the agenda on the issues, topics and themes that are important for this year's YOUthDIG participants. We will start clustering the ideas to create four groups of discussion.

Drafting the Youth Messages

During Iteration I, the first discussion round, participants share their thoughts and perspectives on the submitted work and plan how they want to take these ideas further to form the youth messages. We will then go into the Visual Applause where the participants can look at the work across the four groups and add comments and support to ideas. During Iteration II we will return to our four groups of discussion and finalise the youth messages in its final form. At the Closing Plenary, the final youth messages will be presented and agreed upon EuroDIG-style.


Focal Point: Virginija Balčiūnaitė


  • Virginija Balčiūnaitė
  • João Gomes
  • Edgar Brutyan