AR, VR, Metaverse for Urban and Rural settings – Pre 05 2024

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by Dynamic Coalition on data driven health technology

17 June 2024 | 13:15 - 14:15 EEST | WS room 1 | Video recording
Consolidated programme 2024

Session teaser

We will discuss the opportunities, impacts and issues of AR, VR and Mixed Reality together. We will then explore the issues that need to be guided by best practice, for full beneficial application of these technologies. We expect to derive a short list of best practice guidelines or value statements for these technologies from this session.

Session description

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality with Mixed Reality or Metaverse spaces have crept into internet supported devices for a longtime. They are found within cars, mobile phones, gaming devices, advertising, education and training, health and wellness applications, to name a few applications of these technologies within our citizen lives. The opportunities for this technology with 5G and now 6G are tremendous, improving economic productivity, facilitating speed to intended results, providing access for non technical users, plus much, much more. There are significant opportunities with the use of these technologies, to make UN SDG 3 Health and Wellness for All, a reality. For example supporting the elderly / seniors wellness or mental health.

However, are we moving into use case spaces that are not supported by robust guidance and best practice? The EU has set up a coalition to support discussion and explore these issues. AI which is embedded within these technologies, is only now, gaining regulatory guidance. Do these technologies with their wider specrum of additional use cases, require further guidance for safe and optimal use? Issues could be related to health and wellness and other aspects of social, technical and economic safety.


We will have a few short presentations from members of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies, who will get us all thinking about the applications, opportunities and issues surrounding the active use of these technologies in our daily lives. This will be followed by a full onsite and online participant discussion. Each intervention will be provided with 2 mins of speaking time.

Further reading

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Organization members:

  • Amali De Silva- Mitchell
  • Jorn Erbguth
  • Frederic Cohen
  • Dr Joao Rochas Gomes
  • Rodrigo Silva Rojas
  • Yao Amevi Amessinou Sossou

Video record