Accountability in the Digital Age – Flash 07 2019

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19 June 2019 | 17:30-18:00 | EVEREST 1 & 2
Consolidated programme 2019 overview

Session teaser

This session will explore the possible '21st-century instruments' for Accountability in the Digital Age and 'The Hague Charter for Accountability in the Digital Age' as a structured approach for discussion.

Session description

In this era of the Global Digital Revolution, digital technologies provide the world with a wealth of positive accomplishments. Societies and individuals can benefit in all manner of ways through access to knowledge, people and organizations on a local and global level. More than that, digital has become a must-have, for people, society and the economy. Indeed, digital technology fosters innovation. Online platforms, e-commerce, social media, artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics and the internet of things (IoT) are further expediting this process by hyper-connecting individuals, organizations, communities, societies and data with tens of billions of objects and entities.

Unfortunately, the Internet is not immune to evil. Breaches of norms and values are also occurring in the online and cyber worlds, ranging from fraud, identity theft, bullying and other forms of personal harassment or exploitation through to malign social engineering, phishing and hacking attacks which can threaten key networks and even entire nations. A number of prerequisites have to be met to maintain democratic principles i.e. privacy, security, transparency, safety, wellbeing, and accountability. We need to develop the right instruments for managing accountability in the Digital Age. Instruments can be traditional, such as new international legislation or international government lead institutes. Or, instruments can be more modern '21st-century' such as the creation of an Accountability Index or other digital instruments to measure, track, and/or manage accountability variables.

One of the instruments developed is the'The Hague Charter for Accountability in the Digital Age'. This charter aims to provide a structured approach to the discussion allowing participation from a global multi-stakeholder community.


Following a 10 min introduction of the 'The Hague Charter for Accountability in the Digital Age' we will open the floor for suggestions for improvement and refinement and will serve as a public consultation on the Charter.

Further reading

Please refer to for a current version of the charter.


  • Frits Bussemaker, chair I4ADA
  • Arthur van der Wees, board member I4ADA
  • Maarten Botterman, board member, ICANN
  • Jan Kleissen, Director Council of Europe