Amali De Silva-Mitchell

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Amali De Silva-Mitchell became interested in computers as a high school student in Switzerland with designing a simple medical diagnostics application. She went on to study for a first degree with honors in Economics at Warwick University, a Masters degree in International Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics and then pursued a Masters degree in Computer Science at Imperial College in London but did not complete the certification. Her educational interests were in human- computer interaction, data bases, artificial intelligence, business applications of computers. Amali then pursued a career in accounting in public practice, business, non-profit and government sectors and is a CPA. In 2002 she became part of the Civil Society group working for WSIS and was the initiator of the North American caucus as then President {and Director} of the Vancouver Community Network a non-profit ISP for local citizens. She was also a Director of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Association of British Columbia. Amali is passionately interested in all aspects under IGF / SDGs, including emerging issues of internet, communications, business, society and citizen focused technologies. She contributes to IGF related activities. Some of her view points are published on the web.