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Consolidated programme 2020 overview


  • A Big Stage is supposed to be an entertaining, presentation style format.
  • It cannot be a panel discussion.
  • It can be a fire side chat including max. 3 people (for instance one moderator interviewing 2 different opponents).
  • It can be an interview.
  • It can be a tandem effort.
  • It will last average 18 min +/- 5 min.
  • It will take place in the big auditorium in parallel to workshops.
  • Streaming will be provided, but no remote participation and no involvement (or only very limited involvement) of the audience. Big Stage sessions will be published at our youtube channel after the event.
  • Remote presentations however, will be possible.

Please note: Specific time and date will be assigned later in the process, probably till mid march.

Big Stage (as of 16 Feburary 2020)

IDs proposed by Title/Topic
#1, #2, #3 Amali De Silva – Mitchell M.I. E-Health: Managing integrated community & sovereign health data for emerging technologies – Are we ready?
#17 Rui André Cybersecurity classrooms for kids (Working title)
#21 Auke Pals Online Addiction – a rising issue? (Working title)
#38 Eva Christina Andersson Stars in the sky or dust on the ground? What is the true impact of 5G?
#54 Marco Zennaro About networks of academic and educational institutions (NERNs) – challenges and future. (Working title)
#77 Claire Local What are the next steps for regulating targeted political advertising online? (Working title)
#110 Mariana Rosca Internet and diaspora communities (Working title)
#114, #115 Bissera Zankova Women and innovation in a convergent environment (Working title)
#145 Roberto Gaetano Quantum technology (Working title)
#181 (TBC) Emanuela Girardi Advanced technologies – ethical limits needed? (Working title)
#182 Emanuela Girardi Awareness on the Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) instead of GDP index (Working title)
#186 Jim Prendergast The Global Internet Forum for Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) (Working title)
#187 Jutta Croll The new German Youth Protection Act (Working title).