Cloud computing and services

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No Name Affil./Org. SH-group Topic and sub-issues Description Remarks
21 Matthias Flittner KIT / research assistant Academia Secure Cloud Computing for critical infrastructure providers
Legal and liability aspects of cloud computing Requirements of critical infrastructure. Risks and threats of cloud computing for critical infrastructures. How to make the cloud transparent to the user.
37 Karsten Wenzlaff ikosom / German Crowdfunding Network, Germany Academia Crowdfunding, its potential to create innovations through funding on the net, and its upcoming regulation in Europe How can Crowdfunding stimulate innovation in research, technology and governance and create better governance in the European public sector? The EU Commission has asked for contributions on the regulation of Crowdfunding. ikosom has written a number of Crowdfunding studies.
We also initiated a German Crowdfunding Network of platsforms, supporters and researchers in Germany, Austria and Siwitzerland. We think that Crowdfunding can motivate stakeholders in public processes to engage in these mechanism, while also helping to provide an alternative way of funding for the creative industries, startups and technology companies. However, we also believe that regulation is immament. Since most of the Crowdfunding activties are done online, we think it would be better to have Civil Society discuss these issues before the national regulators step in.

40 Margarida Ribeiro FCT- Department of Information Society (Ministry of Education and Science), Portugal Govern. Org. Cities in the cloud – Think Internet Locally:
Smart cities/smart citizens
Citizens involvement in new digital services creation, data management and open government;
Cities as a real time system - transport and energy efficient networks, culture, community, conviviality;Transparency and better governance through eParticipation at local level;
Multi-stakeholder model in Smart urban digital infrastructure management;
Challenges and opportunities of City gTLDs